Chris Brown Fired From Las Vegas Residency?

Chris Brown Listening Party for "Royalty"

Chris Brown lost his Las Vegas gig after going on a recent rant. According to TMZ, Brown was let go from his residency at Drai’s Nightclub after he refused to apologize to the club’s owner for calling the club racist. The pop stra went on Instagram and complained about the club and the failed to apologize for his flub.

In a now deleted Instagram post, Chris wrote, “(Empty) Drais has some people working for them that always are on a power trip. Some racist —-. I pack this club out every single time my name is on the flyer. I keep the lights on in this place. I ain’t no slave or an employee of this establishment. So make sure you put some respek on my name!”

Drai’s released a statement to Billboard“As one of Las Vegas’ leading nightclubs and the nation’s preeminent hip hop performance venue, Drai’s has always taken great pride in its relationships with our incredibly talented resident and guest artists, including a successful partnership with Chris Brown. However, recent events have raised concerns that will need to be addressed with Chris and his management before that relationship can continue to move forward. We have reached out accordingly and are waiting to hear back from his team. We remain open to sitting down with him to discuss the future.” 

Photo from PR Photos