Ciaté Corrupted Neons Manicure Set Review #corruptedneons

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If you love a good mani you may have come across the cute nail polish line, Ciaté, which have little bows on the bottles. Not only are the bottles adorable, but the polish itself is great. I had the chance to try out the Ciaté Corrupted Neons Manicure Set in Shout Out…**The  product was provided for review by a PR firm representing Ciaté , the opinions are my own**.. Now this isn’t just a regular nail polish its got a little extra pizzazz…it glows under a UV light so if you go out clubbing, are planning a Halloween party or are channeling your inner Ke$ha this little set is for you! 

The Ciaté Corrupted Neons Manicure Set comes in four colors Club Tropicana (orange), Foam Party (blue), Mega Foam (yellow) and Shout Out (pink). I tried the the neon pink color…it called to me and I answered…I loved the color on its own. The formula is super smooth and dries pretty quickly. So I started off with clean nails and applied base coat I had lying around. Then I applied the color, two thin coats of the Shout Out paint pot, which gave me a matte pink color. Then while still wet I applied glitter to one of my nails for a little something extra, expect some glitter excess…I used a paper under the glitter and funneled the extra back into the bottle. Then I added the corrupted top coat for that UV party goodness to get glowing nails.  The polish and its effect was awesome. A few cons…I chipped by day two (but I am aggressive with my nails…scratching stuff and overall abusive to my nails) and the glitter is not so glittery after you apply the UV top coat, more like a textured surface at least in the pink. But overall cute and fun to do.

Ciate 1

Ciate 2

Ciate 3

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Price: $25, Sephora

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