CitiSoles-Foldable Flats

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Have you ever decided to wear a pair of heels and then regret that decision later…well CitiSoles is your answer! It is the cutest invention; it’s a pair of black, foldable flats that fit in a medium sized purse and up. The idea came from two college students (Susie Levitt and Katie Shea) who after long days working would have tortured feet. The flats (with the pouch) are only $25 and the pouch doubles as a carrying case for your other shoes (you know the ones you are changing out of because they hurt your feet). It’s all just too adorable. They make great gifts and the price is very affordable.

There are only 2 sizes (S/M 5.5-7 and M/L 7-9) right now but the girls are working on bigger sizes, more colors like red, gold and silver, new carrying cases and rollup ballet flats (even smaller than the folded flats).

These shoes aren’t really for daily use but if you choose to use them daily then plan to  order a few pairs.

Why couldn’t I have come up with this idea…lol…its terrific!


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