Cute Shoe Alert: Bella Costas Collection by Reef

So, I fell in love with a shoe! I am a girl who loves a good flat and I am always on the lookout out for a cute, stylish and sensible shoe! I spotted these super cute flats by Reef. The shoes are super comfy, free-sprited, tribal style Bella Costas are comprised of woven textiles by Guatemalan artisans, cotton canvas, suede leather, hemp, and glass beading. Check out the quilting on the inside of shoe, along with the heel cushion and arch support…great for walking!

The materials used are apart of reef’s Heart Guatemala initiative. Reef’s We Heart Collection is an ongoing collaboration between Reef’s design team and talented artisans from developing countries around the world, designed to provide a platform for these artisans to grow their businesses, to build stronger communities, and to share their beautiful crafts with the world.


Cute shoes, beautiful colors, great cause!!

Price range $50-54 at Reef

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