Dakota Fanning: “I’ve never really felt like a child star”

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Dakota Fanning, 18 grew up in show business starting to act at the ripe old age of 6 (in ‘I Am Sam’), but she doesn’t feel like a ‘child star.’ “I’ve never really felt like a child star. That name always felt really odd to me,”  Dakota told Wonderland magazine. “I’ve just felt like I was an actor at 6 and 7 and, you know, a child who happened to act. But when you turn 18 you’re seen as able to do more things and more roles. For someone who’s that young to feel completely at home being filmed playing someone else, that really means that that’s where you belong. So that’s how I view that film as a whole — as a moment when I just realized, ‘I could do this. I could do this forever.'”

Dakota has always been wise beyond her years anyway so it’s understandable that she wouldn’t like the stigma of being called a ‘child star.’


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