David Blaine Grosses Out Drake And Dave Chappelle After Spitting Up Frog!

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David Blaine found a new way to freak people out—this time regurgitating frogs! Yeah you heard right, the illusionists grossed out fans as he basically spit up three frogs—all while disgusting Drake, Dave Chappelle and Stephen Curry!

For Tuesday night’s ABC special “David Blaine: Beyond Magic,” the celebrity illusionist brought his magic to a new level when he asked Chappelle to draw a small animal that could fit in the palm of his hand—Dave drew a frog. David then went on to pick up a wine glass and pit up a frog. Ummm he grossed out everyone in unison! He adds two more LIVE frogs to the trick before it was all over.

We know its fake—but HOW DOES HE DO IT!

Photo from PR PHotos

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