Deadmau5 Slams Justin Bieber Over DJ Altercation!

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Deadmau5 slammed Justin Bieber’s antics after a report went around he asked a DJ in Soth Korea to play Hip Hop and got rejected…and then he took a cheap shot and hit the DJ’s tour manager in the neck! Some deny the altercation saying it was blown out of proportion, but Deadmau5 chimed in tweeting Bieber, “Dear @justinbieber , would you please grow the fuck up already? In the meantime, put a shirt on, and stay away from nightclubs. Someone needs to jump on Justin’s stage and start telling him what to play. I apologize on behalf of Canada. I’m sorry, but if you got up in my face while I was performing, and demanded me to play some bullshit, I’d probably punch you in the neck.”

JB’s fans were not too pleased with the insults and Deadmau5 responded, “Someone needs to turn the Beiber fan replies on my timeline into a drinking game of sorts. Get it on, delta phi!!!Ok kids. You got me. I’m just jealous that I will never be able to hire writers and producers to make me a chart topper. That’s about it. when standing up to a spoiled little bitch means you have to put up the cries of 45 million brainwashed goons. I can hang.”

Twitter fights really are the wave of the future.

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