Demi Lovato Back To Brown Hair!

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Demi brunette

Demi Lovato is a brunette again. The pop star showed off her newly darkened up tresses on Twitter and vowed to give her hair a break for a little while after coloring it all the colors in the rainbow, “Gonna give my hair a breeaaakkk, give my hair a break, gonna give my hair a break, my hair a break… Oh yeah, yeah..”

On a side note, Demi went HARD on website, The Daily Beast after they posted an article accusing boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama of leaking her recent nude photos. She wrote, “@thedailybeast such a classy “news site” you are. Writing horrible things about people you know NOTHING about. Get a LIFE you ignorant fu*ks.” The article basiclaly claims that Wilmer has the most motive to leak the photos…as a career boost! Harsh!!

Photo from Twitter

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