Is Demi Lovato’s Fight Victim Planning to Sue Her?

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Demi Lovato got into that famous fight that catapulted her to rehab and now rumors are flying that Demi’s victim, Alex Welch plans to sue her and go to a plastic surgeon because of her injuries! Do you think Alex has a case or is she milking her injuries?

The dancer Demi Lovato allegedly punched in the face is seeking medical treatment from a plastic surgeon and is taking action against the Disney star in a lawsuit which will be filed next week, has learned exclusively.

Alex Welch’s high-powered attorney, Donald Karpel, says that the injuries his client sustained warranted emergency medical care and further consultation from a cosmetic surgeon. Karpel also says Welch intends to take Lovato to court.

“We will be filing a lawsuit next week,” said Karpel. “We will be seeking punitive damages for assault, battery and for mental stress.”

When asked if Welch wants Lovato to pay for her medical bills, Karpel said: “We are exploring all of our options right now.

“After the attack, Alex had to get emergency treatment. She is now consulting a Beverly Hills ears, nose and throat plastic surgeon. ”

Karpel says he is in constant contact with his client and she “seems to be doing OK.”

“To this day, I haven’t gotten an apology. I’ve heard nothing,” Welch told People. “That’s sad if you think that person is your friend.”

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