Did Swizz Beatz Make Alicia Keys Fire Her Manager?

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Uhh Ohhh…Rumors are flying about the real reason Alicia Keys let go of…”fired” her manager, Jeff Robinson. There was a statement last week that they had parted amicably but you make the decision…

The NY Post said this…

Alicia Keys is gaining a husband and a baby — not necessarily in that order — and losing her manager, Jeff Robinson. And sources say it’s not a coincidence. “Her fiancé [hip-hop producer] Swizz Beatz definitely played a huge part in killing him off,” an industry insider says.

Robinson had been charging the pop star a 25 percent commission for some time. When she was an undiscovered kid, he was paid even more, up to 33 percent, our source said, adding, “She got smart — and got a smart boyfriend — after years of people around her telling her she was crazy to let this continue to happen.” An announcement said, “Keys and Robinson have mutually and amicably agreed to pursue other opportunities. This decision will allow Alicia [and her company, AK Worldwide] more control over all aspects of her career.”

And then  Necole Bitchie contacted Alicia Keys MBK Entertainment and was told..

“That story is 100% false. Jeff Robinson was like a father figure to Alicia Keys. They never had a contract. It was a huge deal because Jeff loves her like she was his own kid! This whole article reeks of damage control and its obvious. How can you rip someone off when you don’t have a contract and they can walk away whenever they want?”

Whats the truth out there?What does Jeff say?

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