DMX Found Unresponsive, Denies Drug Usage

DMX was found unresponsive in a Yonkers hotel room. The 45-year-old rapper was not breathing and had no pulse when police were called to the Ramada Inn just after 6 PM according to TMZ. When police arrived DMX was found unresponsive on the ground next to a car. They had to perform CPR to get the rapper to breath again after a minute. A witness speculated that DMX may have ingested a powder before going unconscious. He was given Narcan, an antidote to narcotic ODs according to TMZ. He regained osme consciousness and was taken to the hospital.

DMX denies drug use, he says he had shortness of breath after suffering bronchitis for a couple of days and had been asking for his asthma inhaler before the incident. He is still in the hospital.