Do Men Need a Lip Balm Made Especially for Them? Chapfix Says Yes!

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When I think of shampoo, conditioner and lotion…I think they are all unisex. But lip balm company Chapfix, is made especially for men. Men are becoming more interested in taking care of themselves these days so why not target them.

Stop using your girlfriend’s lip balm! All men suffer from chapped lips, yet so few lip balm products have been designed to fit a man’s needs. Chapfix was designed to fill this crucial void. Held in a sleek, patented component, there is no mistaking that Chapfix is a unique product. Chapfix has SPF 15 and is made with the highest quality natural ingredients like coconut oil, beeswax, mineral oil, aloe vera and Vitamin E.

Every step of the of the way, Chapfix was designed with a guy in mind. The component has an angled top to slide into pockets with ease, a slim profile so it doesn’t bulge in your pocket, and grips on the sides for use in all conditions. “Chapfix was designed with many benefits for the average guy who uses lip balm,” said designer Sean Patrick Smith. Chapfix’s mint flavor also tastes great and keeps your mouth feeling fresh at any time of the day.

I think the black packaging is sleek and cool, but do men need their own products? Well the ladies do have a lot of products for them already…so let the men have some fun!

The price online is $10 for a 3-pack…pretty good!

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