Do you like Jennifer Lopez’s new bangs?

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I have been looking at JLo’s bangs and I don’t like them on her. I’m not sure if it’s that I am not used to bangs on her or what, but I really don’t like her bangs. I like her hair in so many ways, like super straight or sometimes she has a little wave with a part in the middle, but this one is not a winner. I think it may be her face shape or maybe these style bangs don’t work on her, but it’s just my opinion. I am no expert. I have wanted bangs for a while but I wouldn’t get these little bangs I want some hardcore blunt bangs right across my forehead. Anyways, do you like Jennifer Lopez’s new bangs?

P.S. Jennifer went to my High School in the Bronx. I always think that’s cool…lol. She never came to visit; she probably didn’t like the school because I have heard of other artists that go back to their high schools, but she never came. She had some TV interview with someone (I don’t remember) and she showed them the grammar school she went to when she was younger but she sooooo bypassed high school. I was a little upset…lol. I still love her though.

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