Do you thread?

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I was considering getting my eyebrows threaded but I don’t know of any good places near me, so I just went with my old fav and waxed my brows. But I have heard that threading your hair is easier on the skin because you are not using wax and so you don’t pull off your skin as you would with waxing. When you Thread your hair you use a piece of cotton string and maneuver the string in a way that you pull the hair right out of the follicle ( like tweezing), but you can do a few hairs at once (unlike tweezing). I don’t know the pain factor but if you wax then you already have some experience with pain so it’s probably similar. I found this great video from Pursebuzz and she threads her own eyebrows…she has a lot of guts but she made me want to try threading myself…how about you? I’m scared…

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