Don’t follow mess with Jennifer Lopez or she will have you followed!

Jennifer Lopez at Michael Jackson's THIS IS IT Premiere in LA

OMG, leave Jennifer alone and I think she will do the same. You aren’t messing with some regular chick, you are mesing with a DIVA! Ojani Noa need to be scared and pee in his pants a little!

Life & Style has the whole scoop,

“She’s having him followed,” Ojani’s business manager, Ed Meyer, tells Life & Style. “We just ran the license plate of the car — it’s a black Audi — and it goes directly back to Jennifer Lopez. Ojani’s scared.” But Jennifer, 40, is within her legal rights, says an insider close to the actress. “It’s a process server trying to give Ojani a subpoena,” says the insider. Ojani’s lawyer, Frank Sanes Jr., tells Life & Style that his client fears for his life. “We have some concerns right now about the personal safety of Ojani,” Sanes says. “We believe he’s under surveillance by someone. He’s had death threats.”

Anaconda film premiere

Ojani wake up and leave Jennifer alone…she mas more power than you will ever have! Plus as a fan of Jennifer, he is just trying to drag her name through the mud. We all know Jennifer has had some flings…we know…get a job and forget you ever knew her!