E! TV Host Giuliana Rancic having some trouble trying to conceive!

Giuliana Rancic Birthday at Tabu'

Giuliana Rancic and hubby, Bill have been having a hard time trying to conceive. I have not been watching the new season but I feel bad for Giuliana because she wanst to have a family and sometimes it does not come so easy for some.

“When we first thought I was pregnant, we thought, ‘Oh, I don’t know,'” Giuliana tells Us Weekly. When it turned out she wasn’t, they went to dinner and “‘Phew’ turned into ‘Let’s have a baby!'”

“I thought we’d get pregnant right away,” says Giuliana.

Now, after eight months of trying, the couple have turned to fertility specialists.

“Their diagnosis: ‘You guys are mid- to late-thirties. Sorry,'” she says. “There’ve been tears.”

But the “process has brought us even closer together,” Giuliana says of her hubby of two years.

Is in vitro fertilization next? “Whatever it takes!” Giuliana proclaims. “I envision our life with kids.” Adds Bill: “It’s now or never!”

I have no kids yet, but I hope all the equipment works when I am ready.