Editors’ Closet Sample Sale—Pet Adoption

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Ok, so today I went online to check my email and I have an email from a sample sale site, Editors’ Closet. I always check out what sales are going on and I came across Chic Doggie by Corey, which are little dog fashions ( I love to dress up my dog and he hates it…lol!) and then I saw that there was another sale going on for adoptions…OMG! I love it!! I’m an animal person especially dogs. I’m one of those people who wants to take a dog home with me if I see one on the street and it will stay on my mind for weeks. I want to adopt them all. If I ever make it rich, I want to have my own shelter.

Editors’ closet is having an adoption online. They have a few dogs and cats on the site. You have to check out the auctions and place the pet in your cart and pay ($1.00) and then a rep will call you. I think it’s to make sure that you are suitable for the pet and the pet is suitable for you. I think I would adopt but we already have two dogs and my family was devastated over the loss of our other dog from a little over a year ago.

If you have the time, money and love and want a dog or cat please check out the site or a local shelter. An animal is waiting.

Editors’ Closet is an exclusive sample sale site. In order for you to join you have to be referred by someone…like me…Email me your email address and I will send you an invite or put in my email address ( beauteliciousinfo@gmail.com) as a referrer on the main page.

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