Evan Rachel Wood Denies Michelle Rodriguez Hook-up Rumors

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Evan Rachel Wood did not hookup with Michelle Rodriguez despite recent rumors, she hasn’t even met the Fast & Furious star. Evan was supposed to take a Twitter break after the announcement of her split from husband, Jamie Bell but decided to break her silence on the hookup rumor. Evan tweeted, “Looks like someone is already trying to start a rumor that I “hooked up” with Michelle Rodriguez at “an evening with women”– — I have never even said “hello” to Michelle Rodriguez.”

She continued, “I think its convenient someone chose to make up the story now and not that night. If “a source” saw us leave together, why am I seen here leaving alone? This is “journalism” at its lowest. Complete lies made up to exploit a public separation, as if that isnt hard enough. Disgusting.Also just because you are in a photo with someone doesnt mean you spoke or slept together. Really guys? Ok back to my twitter break.

The rumor started after Evan was spotted in a photo with Michelle, who like Evan have both said they are bi-sexual. That’s all to the rumor though…same place and time…at the Evening With Women event held in early May, but no hookup according to Evan. It is funny the rumor started after her split announcement.

But in a side note, People is reporting that Wood and husband Bell broke up because Wood was more into being a mother than a wife. “Nothing dramatic happened. They are friends and will continue to parent their son together. They have been friends for years and are happier this way than being married. Evan loves being a mom. After her son was born, he has been her No. 1 priority. The marriage always came in second. They have different goals for the future and want to pursue them separately.”

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