What to Expect From “Jersey Shore” Season 3!

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From the new season of Jersey Shore we can expect girl, juiceheads, fights,drinking and partying, but we can also expect more fun since the crew is back home at the Jersey Shore….The Sitch explains its all

According to Sitch, his approach to the new season of the hit show, which premieres this Thursday, focused less on such sexual shenanigans and more on delivering straightforward laughs.

“[W]e’re back in New Jersey and you had that sense of being comfortable, because we’re back home,” he said. “I really think this one is hilarious.”

The changeup in style for the latest season represents an evolution of sorts for the Situation, who has branched out from the MTV show to a turn on “Dancing With the Stars” and multiple endorsement deals. As he explained it, “Season one was definitely wild. All the rules were thrown out the window because it was season one and it was the first time we were doing things. Season two, we were a little more experienced, we knew what to expect, but we were happy to be in Miami. At the same, I’ll be honest with you, we kind of went a little crazy.”

The new season, in contrast, is all about goofing off and having fun — and getting to know new “Shore” face Deena Nicole Cortese. “For me, [the new season] was a year that I was very into enjoying myself,” Sitch explained. “There are many different little funny things. I really think it’s hilarious. As well as the new castmate that’s in there. She shakes things up.”

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