‘Teen Mom’ Star Farrah Abraham Threatened By James Deen?

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Was Farrah Abraham threatened by porn co-star James Deen? Allegedly the Teen Mom received an email on Monday threatening to call Child Protective Services on her  for bring little Sofia to her porn tape negotiations…but did he send the email? The email read, “Yup definitely calling CPS … have fun with driving and filming your daughter at the same time and bringing her to Vivid entertainment. You fail at life.” TMZ obtained the email which came from an email address that includes Deen’s full name. But he denies he sent the email telling TMZ, “Personally I would like to apologize to Farrah on behalf of whoever sent this email and let her know that I am on her side and will happily verify that her child was not exposed to any adult content during the duration of this shoot. Also… Not cool people!!!!! Leave the girl alone!!!!!”

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