Farrah Abraham Tried To Fake Another Relationship For Reality TV

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Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham was trying to pull the wool over our eyes again…allegedly! According to her former ‘fake’ boyfriend, Brian Dawe. Dawe claims that he met Farrah at a nightclub appearance and she later approached him to play her boyfriend on the VH1 show, “Couples Therapy.” Dawe tells Starcasm he couldn’t go through with the plan and walked away from Farrah and the situation.

“I got myself in this situation because I was only thinking about the profit I would be making from doing this show. That was wrong. In the back of my head I realized I could not participate in a TV show that would further exploit Farrah, and where I would have to lie to be involved. Farrah told me to lie to the network and tell them the relationship was real.”

Farrah also staged paparazzi photos to further the fake relationship.  “I had no idea what these photos would be used for, but assumed it would be for her to promote or market our relationship. She told me after the shoot that she sells the photos to various tabloids… I was astonished at the amount of media coverage it received.” The photos surfaced on Farrah’s Instagram in October.

Dawe got all the way to the airport and was set to board a flight to LA before changing his mind. “I checked my bags and got into the airport security line. When I was in that line it really hit me what I was doing. I stepped out of the security line and made a life changing decision to stand up for what I believe in and turn down the check I would be receiving for my appearance on this show.” He told producers about he situation and they still wanted him on the show and offered him more money.

Side  note…Farrah tired this before with another guy called, Carson Underwood in which she tried to get him to fake a relationship to get on Couples Therapy. He also walked away.

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