Girls Gone Wild Founder Joe Frances Convicted On Assault & False Imprisonment

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Joe Francis has been convicted of assault and false imprisonment by an Los Angeles jury over an incident from January 2011 in which Joe took back three women he met at a Hollywood club to his home and then had a physical altercation with them. He allegedly attempted to pull one girl away from the other two and they got upset and he grabbed one girl by the throat and slammed her down on the tile floor. According to E!News He was convicted of 5 charges, including one count of assault causing great bodily injury, three counts of false imprisonment and one count of dissuading a witness from reporting. He could face five years in jail if convicted. Joe released a statement to E! News: “I have done NOTHING wrong! This is a total joke! It did not happen and that mentally challenged jury should be put in jail!”

Photo from Girls Gone Wild

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