Gisele Bundchen’s Website Calls Hospital Births ‘Violent’

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Gisele Bundchen is once again taking a controversial stance.  An article was recently posted blog on her website (it has since been taken down), calling hospital births ‘violent’ allegedly the post was not put up or shown to Bundchen before it was put on the website. Bundchen pregnant with her second child with husband, Tom Brady. Bundchen once claimed that breast feeding should be a law and mother should breast feed for at lest 6 months, 

The post has been taken down but check out what FoxNews was able to catch,

Her web site’s post, written by Equipe Übersite referencing physician Frederick Leboyer’s 1975 book “Birth Without Violence,” noted that “childbirth surrounded by interventions and ‘violence’ is so ingrained in our society, that a humanized birth without unnecessary interventions, at home, in water or squatting is seen as an alternative birth, for hippies or something for Indians.”

“Most people are unaware what a birth without violence is like and its benefits to mother, baby, family and society,” the post continued. “Many hospitals are like a mass production of babies, where routines are followed and the baby must be born as soon as possible.”

“Gisele is entitled to her own opinion, and her opinion about ‘violent’ birth applies to the over-medicalized hospital births over 20 years ago,” explained Dr. Sara Gottfried, OBGYN and author of the forthcoming book “The Hormone Cure.” “Here’s a more responsible approach: create a birth plan, demand patient-centered care, and recreate a sacred, non-violent birth in a hospital. The leading cause of death among reproductive-aged women used to be childbirth, and people like me and other next-generation obstetricians are fully committed to supporting women’s choices about childbirth.”

On the flipside, others in health industry agree wholeheartedly with Bundchen’s birthing preferences and the growing trend of bringing a child into the world for the comforts of one’s own home.

“There is less likelihood of infection. Hospitals are filled with viruses and bacteria, and very toxic cleaning agents. Also the environment (of home) is calming for baby and mother. No cold rooms, no bright lights, no loud noise – beside mom yelling – and the bonding is allowed to happen at home,” explained Heather Lounsbury, founder of the Los Angeles-based practice Live Natural Live Well. “The post on Gisele’s site is definitely raising good points. Using the term ‘violent’ is going to make a lot of people mad, instead of listening to the valid argument. I’m not sure a model should be giving medical advice, but she does have a platform for raising awareness about the benefits of home birth.”

A rep for Bundchen said that although Gisele supports natural childbirth, “the strong words were used by Ms. Calvetti,” and she was expressing her own thoughts, not Bundchen’s.

“The text was posted by the website team and was never previously seen by Gisele,” the rep added.

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