Goody steps up their game

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Goody has always been one of those companies that you go to when you want a cute clip, elastic, or headband, but lately they have stepped up their game. If you look at Goody now…it’s all about fashion. I think that they can rival almost any company making hair accessories now and they are much cheaper. It’s like they snuck into all the fashion shows last season and were inspired.  This is the only pic I could find. Go to and you can see how many different hair accessories they have. Even that girl from The City (I know her name…Olivia!) would think that these headbands are from some expensive boutique, it would be an upgrade from the claw clips she was wearing on the last episode (leave the claw clips for when you are home alone not for when you are on a scrutinized TV show).

Goody Official Site

P.S. on the main page of the Goody site they have a headband that doesn’t give you the “headband squeeze”. Sometimes it hurts behind my ears when I wear certain hard headbands. Goody has a new headband that shouldn’t give you this problem. Cool!!!!


Photo via Newscom

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