Gwen Stefani And Blake Shelton Getting Married Soon?

Gwen Stefani in Concert on NBC's "The Today Show" at Rockefeller Plaza in New York City - July 17, 2016

The Voice judges Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton might be looking to get hitched soon. After two bad marriages the duo came together during a difficult time for them both and now sources tell TMZ they have hired a celebrity wedding planner, Jerri Woolworth. Sounds like Gwen and Blake are committed to each other for real!

Gwen did open up a little on her difficult time after finding out Gavin has cheated with the nanny. “Nobody except for my parents, the people involved, and whoever they told. Nobody would believe it if I could really say what happened. I went through months and months of torture.” I wonder what happened? But she hints that she knew something was off. “All you have to do is listen to every single song I’ve ever written and it’s all there. It’s an ongoing theme that I’ve had for a long time.”

Why rush into another marriage so soon?

Photo from PR Photos