Has Sandra Been in Her Hills Home This Whole Time?

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Sandra may be taking refuge in her Hollywood Hills home until her Jesse James Scandal blows over. This must be a very difficult time for Sandy…I hope she is doing well! I don’t know how she hasn’t gone out in a week…but I don’t blame her!

According to TMZ,

Sandra Bullock has been living in her Hollywood Hills home since last Wednesday — miles from the home she shared with Jesse James — and she has gone to great lengths to stay on the down low.

Last Wednesday, Sandra left the Hollywood Hills house she owned before marrying Jesse, but before she walked into the garage, two of her assistants held up a tarp to block the shot of cameras.

She has not been back to the Orange County house where Jesse lives since moving back to Hollywood.

Sandra has rarely left the house since last Wednesday, although various people have come in and out.

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