Have You Seen the photo of Mel Gibson’s baby daughter after she was allegedly hit?

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RadarOnline has the terrible/alleged picture of Mel Gibson’s baby Lucia (with Oksana) that he allegedly hit…with a red mark on her face! Do you think her red but was from abuse or just a mark? It would be hard to prove because babies get red marks all the time!

Should this pic have made it to the internet?

This is the photograph Oksana Grigorieva is using to plead with a judge and child protective services to strip Mel Gibson of his custodial rights over their baby daughter Lucia.

In a bombshell world exclusive, RadarOnline.com has obtained the photo of Lucia showing what appears to be a small abrasion on her chin after the brutal January 6 brawl, in which Oksana claims Mel punched her and hit their child, who was being held by Oksana at the time.

The baby was two months old.

The image was taken in the hours after the fight and is evidence in the court battle between Mel and Oksana, as well as other ongoing investigations — civil and criminal — involving them.

The Department of Children and Family Services is investigating and, as RadarOnline.com reported exclusively, will be interviewing Gibson this week.

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