Heidi Klum Talks Losing Baby Weight!

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Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum knows how to bounce back after having a baby…she must have some sort of great exercise plan or a magic potion. I can only hope to be like Heidi when I have kids!!

According to Hollywood Life its exercise…But, I was really going for the magic potion…

“I am mostly exercising when I play with the children,” Heidi, who gained 45 lbs. while pregnant with Lou, told us at Diet Coke’s The Heart Truth event in Santa Monica, Calif. to promote women’s heart-health awareness, “We have a gigantic trampoline in the garden and that was the best thing I ever bought. They get so much energy out and I do at the same time. I think when you are participating in your children’s activities it’s fun for them.”

Heidi DOES hit the treadmill sometimes, though – when she has to. Hubby of nearly five years, Seal, 47, “likes when I run next to him,” the, but for the most part, the Project Runway host doesn’t believe in intense exercise binges. “You don’t have to all of a sudden go 0 to 100 crazy exercising,,” she says, adding, “Everything in moderation, but slowly you should make [exercising] into your routine.”

The 36-year-old German model also attributes her amazing physique to healthy snacks like nuts and raisins, and a diet low in carbs. She doesn’t say it – but we’re guessing her metabolism is pretty awesome, too. Some gals have all the luck!

Regardless, we’re still going to buy a trampoline ASAP!

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