Hot look:Messy Ponytails

Molly Sims in a Marylin Monroe dress heads to the Alice Tully Hall in New Yorks Lincoln Center for the 2009 CFDA Fashion Awards

I’m a little poor in the hair department (which means I don’t have a lot of hair). I wish I had thick hair. Ahhh, to have thick, wavy hair (only in my dreams!). Anyways, the only way for me to have some volume (and some hair fun) would be with a fun, messy ponytail. In order to have a cute ponytail you should put your hair in a higher position on your head, but not cheerleader high. The ponytail  should be messy and full but not too big. You should pull  your hair back and secure with a hair band ( you can smooth your hair back with gel or leave it with some texture…if you have curly hair). The band should be tight. Then tease your ponytail and blast your whole head with hairspray.

Molly Sims (above) has a really cute ponytail.

P.S. Her dress is really cute! I love Marilyn Monroe.