Hot rollers…are they really back?

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Hot rollers pop onto the beauty scene every so often. I usually think of them when I see soft, voluminous hair. I want that hair but I’m scared of the hot rollers…I’m not sure why. I have an old hot roller set but I lost the pins (I have to remember to but some). I want a soft, sexy curl at my ends. Obviously, since I bought my hot roller set a million better ones have come out on the market, but I want to test out my hot rollers, if they still work and give me the curls I want then there is no need for me to buy new rollers ( I have money woes). It is my instinct to want to buy something new. I love opening up the package and seeing my new item for the first time, then I don’t want to use it because I don’t want to mess it up (yeah, I’m weird that way). Plus, hot rollers are less damaging than a curling iron. I would buy a set with multipe sizes so you can achieve a lot of different looks.

Do you use hot rollers?

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