How To For Hot Days: Jamie Pressly’s Braided Mohawk Hairdo’

Jamie's hair (2)

Right about now I’m starting to look for cool hair styles to get my hair off my face, neck shoulders, back…Ok I don’t want it to touch me. I saw this totally cool look from Jamie Pressly’s look at the Critics’ Choice Awards. Hairstylist Jonathan Hanousek created a stunning look for Jaime Pressly and explained how we can get the  look too.“For Jaime’s look we wanted something glamourous but with a twist. She loves her hair sleek, but I wanted to see some texture, so I created her braided hawk.”

I might not have those cool shaved sides, but I will just slick it back and figure it out in the back.

Jamie's hair (1)

Step 1: First I prepped the hair with a few drops of CHI Argan plus Moringa Oil. Next, I applied Farouk Royal Treatment Style Illumination and blew dry the top of the head with a vent brush directing the hair up and towards the top of the head.

Stylist Tip: Be sure to catch the shorter hairs in back.

Step 2: I used a small round brush to refine the front hairline.

Step 3: I worked a small amount of CHI Deep Brilliance Glisten in the palms of my hands and worked it through the hair to smooth and add shine.

Step 4: To create her braided hawk, I French braided the top of the head with medium tension, secured with a clear Blax Band and tucked the tail under and secured with bobbi pins. I used hairpins to tighten and help everything to lay flat to the head, then gently pulled out the front hairline to add height and create texture.

Step 5: Using a tail comb and hair spray I smoothed any fly a ways.

Step 6: To control the short sides I used a few shots of spray wax and smoothed with my fingers and finished her look with BioSilk Silk Therapy Finishing Spray Firm Hold.