Iggy Azalea Brings ‘Team’ To Jimmy Fallon

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Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea is ready to start promoting her new album, Digital distortion and she took her self-empowerment themed song, ‘Team’ to The Late Show starring Jimmy Fallon and she smashed it! She also stopped by Good Morning America where she explained her album title, “Digital Distortion is kind of touching on the social media era that we live in, this world of technology, where we can distort our own realities. It’s a world of misinformation, good and bad, and it’s just kind of navigating that throughout the album.”

Iggy went on to thank people who sent out support.”You gotta think about the people that support you as well. I grew up loving Missy Elliott, loving Lil’ Kim, or Trina, and so I’m lucky that I had those women that I really idolized support me. So I get a little bit of confidence knowing that the people I look up to kinda appreciate what I’m doing.”

And you will hear about Iggy’s issue from last year in her new album. “Me having a rough year last year and taking a step away, it gave me the ability to have the space to just quietly create my little masterpiece. I hope I don’t have the sophomore curse this time.”

Photo from NBC
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