Is Lindsay Lohan Getting Special Treatment in Jail?

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Is Lindsay Lohan Getting Special Treatment in Jail? Well it depends on who you talk to…

According to Extra, Lindsay is receiving no special treatment…

In day two of her incarceration, Lindsay Lohan is hangin’ with the criminals, just like the rest of them.

Sources inside the Lynwood Correctional Facility told TMZ the actress is being treated the same as the other inmates, and in fact has made “friends” with some of them, including convicted killers.

Lohan’s mother and sister visited her Wednesday afternoon but were not allowed physical contact, speaking to Lindsay behind a glass wall.

“She’s not a mess at all. She’s keeping to herself, better than yesterday and handling it pretty good,” an insider told TMZ.

But if you talk to other people…Linds is getting some special treatment,

A fellow inmate at Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, Calif. claims that the newly-incarcerated starlet is getting “special treatment” and a “special room” during her stay — and her new neighbors are none too pleased.

“She’s getting special treatment,” Debra Sickels, a recently-released prisoner in contact with other inmates told New York’s Daily News. “Some inmates were getting pissy over it.”

What kind of special treatment? “The girls said they cleaned a special room for Lindsay. It had a regular hospital bed, a TV and a dresser for her new clothes and socks.”

Other just-released Lynwood inmates claimed that Lohan is shelling out for even more perks: special food, new clothes, a female guard and private phone access.

But a spokesman for L.A.’s sheriff’s department insists “She’s being treated like any other inmate in her classification. There’s no special treatment at all.”

Sentenced for violating her probation, Lohan was escorted to her 12-by-8 cell on Tuesday. Inmates said she was “calm” but “crying” as other prisoners cheered her on. She will live in isolation 23 hours a day in her cell for the next two weeks for violating probation in her DUI case. (She was originally sentenced to 90 days in the slammer.)

So who do you belive is she getting special treatment?

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