James Franco Almost Starred With Rihanna in ‘We Found Love’ Video!

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James Franco was almost Rihanna’s leading man in We Found Love, but he couldn’t do it and that part went to a Chris Brown look-a-like, Dudley O’Shaughnessy. “She actually asked me to be in that video, the one with the relationship that gets crazy,” he told MTV. “I couldn’t do it. But, I guess, I hope that that means there’s mutual love between us.”

But Rihanna may still bump into James at Seth Rogen’s new movie, “The Apocalypse,” where a ton of celebrities are partying at James’ home when they learn of the Apocalypse is coming, “I think she’s gonna be in the new movie that I’m doing, Seth Rogen’s directorial debut. I think she has a little part in that.”

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