Jeb Bush & Jimmy Fallon ‘Slow Jam The News’

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THE TONIGHT SHOW STARRING JIMMY FALLON -- Episode 0281 -- Pictured: (l-r) Host Jimmy Fallon and Former Governor Jeb Bush "Slow Jam the News" on June 16, 2015 -- (Photo by: Douglas Gorenstein/NBC)

Move aside Brian Williams, Jimmy Fallon had a new guest to do his ‘Slow Jam The News’ bit with him, Presidential hopeful Jeb Bush.Jimmy slowly jammed the lyrics, “After months of being a total caucus tease, Jeb finally made up his mind and quit beating around the Bush.” Then Jimmy sexily added a few innuendos, “Now that you’re fully in, what makes you think you’ve got what it takes to go all the way?” Jimmy is too much!

Photo from NBC

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