Jeffree Star Reacts to Kat Von D’s Diss

Kat Von D's "The Tattoo Chronicles" Book Signing at Barnes & Noble in New York City on October 26, 2010

They were once friends and now it’s dunzo. Youtube star Jeffree Star has hit back at Kat Von D after she publicly distanced herself from the makeup artist. Well Star of course has a rebuttal where he says he indeed paid artist B.J. Betts and takes issue with her claims which prompted people to seek out his phone number (and that of his family members) to make threats. “There were so many things that were not true in the video. But things have gotten past the point of internet drama.”

“I can’t believe that you would post something knowing the response it was going to get,” Jeffree added. “For you to use such a huge platform to say things that are not true . . . is so disheartening and so vicious.” He also said he didn’t want to say anything bad about Kat. “Kat, I have never judged your character online, I have never said one bad thing about you, and I don’t plan to now. I am just really hurt that you are telling people that I stole from you, and that I stole from B.J.”

There will always be two sides to a story and the truth…I wonder who we should believe!

Photo from PR Photos