Jenelle Evans Taking Legal Action Against Man Who Leaked Photos!

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‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans just can not catch a break. Her former boss leaked a few photos (here) of the young mom…in some girl on girl action. Jenelle is very upset and it threatened to press charges, but decided not to!

According to HollywoodLife,

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans has decided to take legal action against her former boss James Duffy who allegedly posted sexual pictures of her making out with her former roommate Victoria Rhyne.

“At the courthouse, taking legal action,” Jenelle tweeted on Jan. 6. “Duffy is going to drop bombs so am I :)”

“As of right now, we’re are looking into a civil case against Mr. Duffy,” Jenelle’s attorney Dustin Sullivan tells exclusively. “A non-contact order would be the first option.”

On Jan. 5, a Twitter account with the name “JamesDuffy01” posted the girl-on-girl pics of Jenelle and Tori getting wild with each other.

Since posting the pics, the account which allegedly belongs to Jenelle’s former boss, has aggressively been attacking Jenelle’s character. “I’M DROPPING A BOMB TONITE, STAY TUNED. TIME TO PUT AN END TO THAT LYING SACK OF SH*T!!!,” the account said. The account also accuses Jenelle of “taking advantage of” her roommate.

Jenelle’s attorney has advised her to have “no contact” with James Duffy from this point forward.

Another insider tells us that the State might be starting a criminal investigation against James. “The state may be opening up an investigation on him dealing with the under age allegations against him,” says the insider. “If the state charges him, he could face jail time.”

“don’t worry I’m Not falling for his bullsh*t lies lol” Jenelle responded to a concerned fan who advised Jenelle to watch out for James. “I wish I can make it stop trust me but police will put a stop to it very soon.”

Jenelle previously worked for James as his personal assistant — but Jenelle quit after he made a sexual advance at her.

Jenelle’s attorney also informed us that Jenelle met with her probation officer on Jan. 6 — and her drug test came back negative. As to the pictures that are circulating of Jenelle partying with “Tori,” “It’s nothing that I’m worried about,” he tells us. “It was just playful behavior.”

But Jenelle opted to not press charges according to her Tweet, “no I didn’t press charges.”

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