Is Jennifer Aniston & Chelsea Handler’s Friendship Over?

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Jennifer Aniston got a lot of backlash when her new bestie, Chelsea Handler started talking about Angelina Jolie ( even though she has been doing it for years). So is Jennifer laying down some friendship rules…she should!Jennifer doesn’t want to looks like a bitter lady.

“Jen and Chelsea haven’t officially fallen out but they certainly won’t be going on vacation together for a long time unless Chelsea promises to never talk about Angelina again,” a friend of Chelsea’s tells me. “She understands that what Chelsea did was out of loyalty, but it didn’t help. In fact, it made things worse.”

“Jen is a very private person,” a friend of Aniston’s tells me. “It’s one thing to crash Angelina in private; it’s another to do it in public. Chelsea should have known better and is feeling Jen’s cold shoulder for her mistake.”


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