Jennifer Aniston Likes To Talk ‘Dirty’!

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Jennifer Aniston stopped by besties’ show, Chelsea Lately and dished on her ‘dirty talk’, ‘helping Chelsea with her hygiene and

“So, let’s talk about your dirty little scenes because people have never seen you like this. And I know that you’re a little dirtier than you come off and she’s a little bit edgier than you would think.”

“So seeing you in the brunette wig, talking dirty and sexually harassing people is a really good day at the movies. How did you enjoy it?”

“I enjoyed it thoroughly,” Jennifer said. “I really really really did. It was probably one of the most fun roles I’ve ever had. I’d have to say.”

“Why do you think you responded to it?” Chelsea asked. “Because, I mean, usually men do something like that.”

“Yes, that’s usually a guy in a movie. That’s a part that a man plays. So, it was really fun to sort of be a woman and play that with absolutely no apologies.”

“It’s nice to be abusive to men,” Chelsea said.

“In general,” Jen agreed. “Generally speaking, sure.”

Jennifer also commented on her ‘alleged’ topless scene in Horrible Bosses.

“I have no idea where those rumors started, but it’s a good rumor,” Aniston told the Chicago Sun-Times.

Maybe fans will get a thrill on the DVD extras?

“Not true at all,” she said, laughing. “Where do these things start?”

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