Jennifer Lopez Has a No Flirting Rule!

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Jennifer Lopez is taking a break from men and learning to be alone she says in a new interview with People. The diva who has always recovered from a breakup with a new man has decided not to jump to the next relationship after her recent split from Casper Smart.”I had to make a commitment to myself to be alone: no flirting. No possibility of anything. No boys in any way, shape or form. I said, ‘I’m shutting it down.’ I’d never been alone.”

She continued, “I always found my comfort in another person. Instead of giving myself time to heal and be on my own, I was so afraid to be that I was always like, ‘Okay somebody else just come in here and help me forget I’m in so much pain.’ ”

The star who’s been out promoting her new film, The Boy Next Door, talked about the fear of being alone. “I was terrified of being alone. Listen, at the end of the day, love is the best thing. But what I’ve discovered is that I can’t get that from somebody else. It’s the love inside me, for myself, that will help me through. I still believe in the fairy tale. The more I work on myself, the more I give myself the opportunity to share a really deep and meaningful relationship that can give me my fairy tale and last forever. I’m not rushing into anything in any way, shape or form,” she says. “And I’m not looking.”

And on a side note check out Jennifer’s home closet that she dug into for her new movie, The Boy Next Door, which was made on a tiny $4 million budget. I’m pretty sure they will make back their money and then some!!!

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