Is Jennifer Lopez Jealous Over All The Attention Steven Tyler Gets on ‘Idol’?

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Uhh ohh, it seems like Jennifer Lopez doesn’t like all of attention that Steven Tyler has been getting on American Idol. Steven’s personality is huge and it overshadows  JLo’s spotlight!!

According to PopEater,

“This was meant to be Jennifer’s big comeback,” an insider complains to me. “The entire re-branding of the show was built around her, but now it’s all about Steven 24/7.”

While Jennifer’s the one normally lavished with attention, I’m hearing she’s getting annoyed with all the people asking her about the Aerosmith legend.

Snarked my source: “She’s mystified at how this happened and has made it very clear to the producers that the cameras need to spend a little more time adoring Jennifer’s favorite idol — herself!”

And although it may be a little too soon for ‘Idol’ to be congratulating themselves on another season well done, the doom and gloom theories that this would be the show’s last year on the air are all but silenced.

At the end of the day, it’s shaping up that Steven has saved this show. Word of mouth about him and the quality of singers is getting stronger and stronger ever week, and so far he’s even managed to get us to forget the departure of Simon Cowell.

Photo from FOX

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