‘Jersey Shore’ Is Over for Now…Will You Watch Them Head to Italy?

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Jersey Shore season 3 is over for now, just like Ronnie and Sammi’s relationship, but its set to pick up again in a few months when the cast heads to Italy to test their real guido-ness (even though some of them are not even Italian). Will you watch the cast as they head to Italy and struggle with the language and possible the culture…maybe Vinny’s mom will show up there?

“Can’t wait! I honestly can’t wait to get there and see the place,” Deena told MTV News this week. “For some reason, I really want to go on a gondola ride. Or I would like if we’re in Rome, I would like to see the love fountain, so I’m thinking I’ll steal a coin … maybe I’ll fall in love.”

Meanwhile, her castmate Vinny told us he’d prepare for the next season of the hit reality series the same way he has for all of the past seasons.

“Preparing for Italy is pretty much preparing for any of the other seasons, trying to get in shape, trying to spend some time with my family, chill out, the quiet before the storm,” he said. “I’m excited to be thrown right into the water with whatever language skills I have.”

Photo from MTV

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