Jersey Shore Recap: Snooki Shows Her Kooka & Jionni Leaves!

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Uhh, what an interesting Jersey Shore episode last night. Snooki anxiously waits for her boyfriend, Jionni to show up in Italy after weeks of being apart only to be horribly disappointed and drunk…let’s not forget drunk! So Snooki and Jionni head out to the club with everyone in tow including a highly suspicious Situation who thinks that Jionni is giving him ‘dirty’ looks and then all hell breaks loose…Snooki shows her ‘Kooka’ (vajayjay) in the club (remember she is drunk) and Jionni gets upset and leaves the club only to have Jenni and Ronnie go after him for blocks and blocks and blocks…it does not look good for Snooki and Jionni and the arguing continues after he returns to the Jersey Shore in Italy home. He packs up his stuff and splits.

Should Snooki calm down her Snooki-ness now that she is in a relationship? Is it weird that its not Sammi and Ronnie fighting?

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