Jersey Shore‘s Sammi & Ronnie Moving In Together?

After a tumultuous relationship (the fights & makeups were brutal) Jersey Shore‘s Ronnie Ortiz and Sammi Giancola are together and have decided to move in together. The couple are looking to reside in  New York . Ronnie and Sammi claim to have grown up a lot since their crazy days on the Jersey Shore.

Ronnie Ortiz and Sammi Giancola aren’t just roommates on MTV’s Jersey Shore, they’re back in a relationship and living together! just spoke to the MTV stars and they revealed what it’s like being back together and owning their first love nest together!

“We actually went to look at apartments this weekend, and found something, we are moving to New York,” Ronnie tells

But of course, we had to ask how they even got back together!

“It was more that we both took a break after Italy and Jersey,” Ronnie told us. “And we’ve both grown up as people. We both had to find ourselves. We got to the point where if you can’t make someone else happy, you can’t be happy. We are very happy with ourselves and each other.”

Sammi definitely feels the same way, and she wants fans to know that there’s a lot more to their relationship then just what you see on the show.

“It’s only an hour a week,” she says. “There’s a whole bunch more to the story. By being in a relationship, you go through a lot of ups and downs. At the time, it was a rough spot for me. But me and Ron, nobody got to see that we had a real connection. There were a lot [of reasons] for me to stay with him.”

We asked Sammi if she’s in charge of decorating their new place and she said you better believe it!

“I’m excited,” she said. “We love interior decorating, but Ron is good too, so he is going to help me!”

But are we going to see their pad covered in pink and leopard print like Snooki and JWoww‘s place?

“I’m definitely unique,” she says. “A little different than Nicole and Jenni.”

Ronnie added: “Yeah, I’m not going to have animal print in my house!”

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