Jessica Alba Shares a Few Pregnancy Beauty Tips!

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Jessica Alba might be almost ready to welcome her third child, a little boy—but she has to keep her beauty game on point and we expect no less from the actress turned lifestyle mogul! So what does Jessica do to relax in her very full-hectic life a little —well she starts with a little me time. “I love a good bath!  I use our Honest Company Dreamy Lavender Bubble Bath which smells amazing and helps to make me feel calm.”

Jessica’s Pregnancy Tips

Of course, Jessica is very pregnant at the moment, but she still tries to workout, eat clean and drink lots of water. “I try to work out 3 times per week, I love how I feel more energized and radiant after a good gym session. I’ve been doing total body strength training workouts because they’re great for women like me who are currently pregnant. According to my trainer, Gregg Miele, benefits of strength training may include, improved fitness and strength, healthy weight gain (reduction of excessive weight gain), controlled glucose levels (reduces the risk of gestational diabetes) and better postpartum recovery.”

Right now, I’m focusing on strengthening my upper back as I gain more weight in the front. When I’m working out I try not to get too heated and I try and keep my heart rate below 140bpm. Pace yourself and listen to your body (Consult your doctor before starting a new workout regime).

Jessica also eats clean— “I love really fresh, organic fruits & veggies, and recently can’t get enough peaches,” which helps with her skincare. But she still reaches for her facial oil, “My skincare go-to is the Honest Beauty Everything Organic Facial Oil, it’s rich in the same fatty acids and vitamins known to feed your body and it helps restore moisture and radiance.” And she makes sure to hydrate. “Hydration is absolutely key during pregnancy, so I make it a goal to drink at least 10 bottles of Smartwater a day. Also, water is great for preventing your skin from drying out.” And she hydrates her skin as well. “Us pregnant ladies need as much moisture as we can get. I apply the Honest Company Organic Body Oil right after the shower, it makes my skin feel super silky without being slippery. If you’re feeling dry & flaky, try adding dry brushing to your routine a couple times a week to buff away the dead skin.”

At the end of the day though Jessica loves to brighten up her look with a simple, bright lip. “A bright, bold lip always picks me up and makes me feel confident, even on days when I’m not really feeling the ‘pregnancy glow’. My go-to is the Honest Beauty Truly Kissable Lip Crayon in Strawberry Kiss.”

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