JLo’s Ex Ojani Noa Is a Sad, Sad Individual!

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Jennifer Lopez’s 1st Ex (lol) Ojani Noa has reached an all time low, when he couldn’t get any lower…he plans to audition for American Idol, allegedly in front of Miss Lope,z but I doubt he will get in the building! And I think he missed the age mark a long time ago! This guy is really after some fame…that he is not going to get! Sad!!

“Ojani Noa will be in line at the Forum on Sept. 22 to try out for American Idol in front of his ex-wife Jennifer Lopez,” Noa’s manager, Ed Meyer, told E! News. Pathetic? Yes. Blatantly fame-whoring? Of course. In other words, you-know-who has finally found a natural successor. Adding to the pitiable plan is the fact that Noa, at 36, isn’t even eligible to be the American Idol, as the upper age limit for the contest is 28. But that didn’t stop General Larry Platt, and it apparently won’t stop Lopez’s ex-hubby, with whom, incidentally, she remains embroiled in quite the nasty legal battle. So, what excuse has Camp Noa offered up as justification for the stunt? “He escaped Cuba and married Jennifer Lopez, now he wants to be the American Idol,” Meyer said. “Of course, he will sing a Jennifer Lopez song.” Funny how Noa’s dream of becoming the new Idol didn’t materialize until after Lopez was confirmed as the new $12 million judge.

Can someone call security! Photo from PR Photos

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