Jon Gosselin Defends Firing Warning Shot Towards Trespassing Paparazzi!

Jon Gosselin Hosts an Afternoon Pool Event at Wet Republic in Las Vegas on August 29, 2009

Jon Gosselin refuses to say he is sorry for firing a warning shot to a photographer on his property he told TMZ. It all happened when a paparazzo followed Jon home to snap a picture of his home, a cabin in the woods, he spotted the photog who was on private property and fired a warning shot sending the photog fleeing form the scene! Jon tells TMZ, “I am licensed to carry a concealed handgun, which I withdrew and used to fire a warning shot AWAY from the paparazza. It is well within my rights under Pennsylvania law when someone is trespassing on private property.”Jon decided not to file charges. “The message that I take my family’s privacy seriously was sent loud and clear” says JG adding, “I trust that she will respect that in the future.” The female photog had initially wanted to press charges but later realized she would be penalized for trespassing!

Photo from PR Photos