Justin Bieber Angers Street Artist Fans Over New Tattoo!

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"Justin Bieber's Believe" World Premiere - Arrivals

Justin Bieber might just be a copycat but street artist Banksy fans are not happy. After Bieber showed of his new tattoo that strongly resembles a piece of artwork by artist, Banksy called “Balloon Girl.” And fans are not happy with this but the artist himself has yet to react, but a Facebook page claiming to be Banksy posted the photo and titled it,  “Controversial.” According to the DailyMail some Banksy fans were fuming with tweets like, “The balloon is slowly floating away just like his musical career,” and “The fall of Banksy has just begun. SUE HIM PLEASE!”


Miley Cyrus also got a new tattoo of a sad kitty emoji in the inside of her lip. WTF! BUT we don’t know if its real!


Photo from PR Photos/Instagram

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