Justin Bieber Suffers Concussion After Walking Into Glass Door!

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Justin Bieber got a little boo boo today…he walked into a glass door and was knocked out during a break in his concert while in Paris!! But he is back up and running.

Justin Bieber was knocked out cold after running into a wall of glass during a concert in Paris.

We just spoke with Justin, who said he was performing on stage, and in between songs he walked backstage and hit the glass. He says he was disoriented, but went back on stage and finished his set.

As he walked to his dressing room he passed out cold, for around 15 seconds. Doctors say Justin suffered a concussion but he’ll be ok.

Justin told us, “I guess me and glass windows just don’t work.”

The Biebs did tweet about the incident, “thanks for the love but there are alot of people out there who need prayers. im fine. just smacked my head and needed some water. all good…im Canadian. we are tough. lol. its all good. just gotta take it easy the rest of the night. back at it again for u guys tomorrow. thanks…@scooterbraun just got a call from @tmz about me running into a glass wall. i answered. gotta laugh at yourself sometimes…i will see u again Glass. I will have my revenge. BIEBER vs GLASS. MGM LAS VEGAS 2013. lol. #GottaLaughAtYourself



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