Justin Bieber’s New Friend Chantal Jeffries Slams Arrest Stories!

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Chantal Jeffries, Justin Bieber’s new model gal pal has been slammed with a lot public attention since first being spotted pop star…his arrest….but now she is slamming reports of her alleged 5 arrests.”I have been overwhelmed by the negative attention I have recently received in the media,” Jeffries tells E! News in a statement. “My family and I are particularly upset about the false accusations which have been published concerning my criminal history.”

She added, “For the record, I have not been arrested five times as has been stated in the media, nor am I guilty of physically assaulting anyone, in any way shape or form. I am a full-time student who had enjoyed a normal lifestyle, free from public scrutiny and criticism, until now. What has happened to me is wrong. I want people in general, and the media in particular, to consider the impact their disparaging comments have on the individual; especially when their comments are inaccurate.”

The scrutiny has not stopped her from continuing to hang with Bieber in Panama. She has denied she planned to sell a story about Bieber.

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